Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Summer Fitness Challenge

I'm ready to try something new.

So, I'm going to do a 60-day health & fitness challenge. And so is Justin, because he can't let me be only one in the marriage with a super hot bod. ;)

Our goals:

Justin wants to increase the cardio in his workouts, lose fat, and build muscle.
I want to increase my upper body strength, firm up my lower body, say goodbye to an inch of my thighs, tone up the tummy, slim down the love handles, and lose 15lbs. (That's all. :D)

 For fitness:

Since we are both moderately fit and exercise regularly, we have decided to do the 60-Day Insanity Fitness Challenge. It looks tough! My prediction now is that Justin is going to have a more difficult time than me in the beginning, because he's a weight-lifter and hates cardio. I like intervals, and I'm more concerned about my will-power to stick with it every day than actually making it through the workouts! We'll see how those predictions pan out after a week!
Since Justin wants to build muscle, he will continue with his weight-lifting routine while doing the Insanity Challenge.

For nutrition:

I hate workout drinks, and I'm a bit of a health nut. By studying the science behind all the pre-workouts, recovery drinks, protein:carb ratios, and calorie formulas, I have come up with a nutrition program for both of us that uses almost entirely Young Living nutrition products and whole foods. (Stay tuned for our personalized recovery drink recipes!) I used the formulas in the Insanity Elite Nutrition guide to create a daily calorie intake plan. Justin gets to eat twice as much as I do, incase you wondered. While the calorie formulas are useful and we will be eating 5 meals a day as suggested, I am not crazy about their food recommendations. We want to stay as far away from processed foods as possible. Instead, we want fresh, whole, raw and local when possible. My personal trainer (who moved back to Germany last year, tear!) gave me a great guide for combining proteins, simple carbs & complex carbs to create balanced meals for pre- and post-workout.
We'll be drinking Raw Whole Milk from Swan's Dairy, eating a lot of eggs, meat & veggies, and little-to-no wheat products. For the first week, Justin will be eating to maintain his current weight, and I will be eating to lose some of mine. After the first week, we will evaluate how we feel and adjust the menu plan accordingly.

Pictures, measurements, and recipes to come! :)

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  1. This is awesome!!! We can be each others motivators. : ) Good luck to you two. I can't wait for your recipes, I am so not creative with my diet. I eat a lot of fruit and plain leafy things and consider it good.