Monday, May 14, 2012

(Insanity) Day 1: Fit Test

Talk about a rude awakening!
 I was seriously reconsidering if I could do this challenge before the fit test was close to over. It was so hard! The Insanity guide actually recommends that if the Fit Test intimated you, you should consider a different program. We did the fit test along with the DVD, which was my saving grace, because I could compare numbers with the crazy fit DVD people - and their numbers weren't far off. Plus, they admit that even taking the test 60 days later can feel like the first time, because you push yourself as hard as you can. Oh, that's why it was so hard - I was pushing, folks. So we may it through the fit test, and I am excited about Day 2!

We also took before pictures and measurements today. I dunno how most people feel, but for me just looking at my before picture is incentive enough to stick with it, 'cause I want an after photo!

Food Diary: A LOT of water, oatmeal w/ honey & raisins, Recovery Drink, pepper jack cheese curds, Protein Complete smoothie (made by my mom!), coffee with oatcake crumble (oats, fruit, butter, stevia), cowboy beans (beef, beans, onions, celery, some ketchup, sea salt), and beef patties w/ grilled potatoes & broccoli for dinner.

I also took a 30-minute walk with my mom, it was a beautiful day in N/E OK!

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