Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This Little Light of Mine

One year ago today I published this post: 2014: Live Your Dream! We Are!

It's time for an update. Since this time last year...

I finished my B.A. with honors.
My first college roommate, good friend, and now
fellow YL teammate Shanell Shoop celebrated with me.
We attended the 2014 Young Living International Grand Convention as Platinums.  
Justin, Sara & Baby W... welcomed into
the world about two weeks later.

I gave birth to our beautiful son, Nathan, at home. And took a long, fully paid, maternity leave. ;)
One day old Nathan with mommy, and
Denise, our friend, Platinum YL leader, and midwife.
And two months ago, we achieved the rank of Diamond in Young Living!
When Justin put in his notice, we had not quite met the point where income-wise I was comfortable with him doing so. But it was time. And by the time of that post, we had exceeded my commissions goal for us. The following month we made Platinum. Since that post, our income has tripled.
We even bought Nathan his first car. ;)
Now I have this insatiable desire to see Diamonds across our frontline and scattered next to the names of every leader in our organization. Is that going to be you?
To purchase a Start Living with Everyday Oils kit and begin your journey, visit – If you follow that link or sign up under anyone in my downline because of this blog post, and send me a message with your new member #, I will send you a copy of The Four Year Career Young Living Edition:


  1. I am not In your frontline, but I would be happy to be a sparkly diamond in your extended downline :)