Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is more important than Health Insurance?

Bones breaking probably make a really awful popping sound. Justin broke his arm & thumb a couple of weeks ago in an ATV wreck on our track out back. The quad flipped and sent him flying, while I watched the whole thing from the porch. :/

We immediately iced it (read: frozen peaches) and applied wintergreen, valor, and copaiba before heading to the ER. He's kept up with lots of oils, lots of BLM, etc. - but that's not the point of this post.

The point of this post is that his ER visit is the only thing we have not had to pay for.

He had surgery on his thumb yesterday, which was a long and challenging affair that didn't go as planned because the nature of the break was worse than what could be seen in his original xray, and we paid for it.

Previous to finding out that we had been denied a referral for this surgery, the doctor told us she understood if we were unable to do it without a referral and she prepared us for what could be expected recovery-wise if the breaks were left untreated. Mind you, pre-surgery, Justin's thumb was literally bent in the wrong direction. Not fixing it, in my eyes, was NOT an option. Whether or not it was covered, his thumb was going to be fixed!

What is more important than health insurance? Justin's health. My husband's health is WAY more important than health insurance. Having full use of his thumb is more important than health insurance.

Today we began discussing additional treatment options, like Platelet Rich Plasma, to speed recovery and encourage complete healing. Knowing from the outset that anything we choose to do will be paid for by us.

Why pay for health services that aren't covered by your insurance? Because your health is more important. Because YOU DECIDE what the standard of care is that you will receive for your health and the health of your family. Not a company, not an industry that doesn't know who you are.

Because my husband is 24 years old, and he has a lot of life left to live. We are deciding now that he will not end up spending that life in poor health and constant pain as a result of only receiving those health services which are "free."

I am not discounting the value of health insurance, but I am pointing out a serious flaw in our society. The dependence on health insurance to keep you healthy. It does not work that way. That does not produce long term wellness. If you believe that your health is more important than what is covered by your insurance provider, YOU must take responsibility for it. You must take responsibility for your own health, even when that includes financial responsibility.

Yes, that surgery cost a chunk of change. No, that's not a check we could have easily written even two years ago. But thanks to Young Living Essential Oils, we have both the practical means and financial means to take responsibility for our health. If being able to pay for health services is on your goal list and you want Young Living to help, come talk to me and I'll do what I can to help you gain the financial independence you need to live the life you dream. <3

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  1. Absolutely love this! Yes, my health is more important to me than what insurance will pay for. I work for a community mental health center and see the result of "no insurance" all the time, but I also see people who are unable to pay for the services they should have because they can't afford it. I wont let that be me :-) young living is helping me too, and even tho I can only work on it part time, it takes all the space in my head right now. Space that will eventually reach the outside and give me the life I want :-)